Okay. So I have this 7 string. The string I have for the low B is a .59. And that's still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too floppy for me. But the fricken thing doesn't have enough room to intonate. I'm just like: Gah!

Also, what kind of amp should go with lower range instruments like the 7/8 string. I don't necessarily mean what brand amp. I mean, what does an amp need to be able to do to put out the low end needed for this kind of guitar?

Back to the guitar. It's not been set up as far as I know. Got it used for 100 bucks. But it looks ALRIGHT. But I'm no tech. What aspects of a set up could fix the intonation problem?

What kind of effect does action have on intonation?

Thank you all. And some help from the legion would be appreciated! Peace guys.
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