So my tube amp broke down again and i don't have money to repair it.
I want to build a power amp for gigging, I don't want tubes... it just costs too much if something goes wrong.
I can't decide what kind of amp i should build, I don't have a really deep knowledge of amplification and there are just so many options like:
Transistors ( Jfet , Mosfet, bipolar) or Chipamp ( Tda2030, lm3886, etc...) and there are also power opamp.
The only thing i know that i want an amp that has a nice clipping behaviorand doesn't require a big power supply (big power supply = heavier and more expensive)
Any help would be appreciated ( schematics, tips on what should i build.)

the reason i don't need a big power amp is that i have very sensitive speakers so my 10 watt amp will be still louder than a 100 watt amp with not so efficient speakers and i don't need a really clean, transparent tone.
There wasn't a single time when i could crank my tube amp without my ears bleeding.... and it was a 30 watt amp....

Right now I'm using an LM386 based power amp for practicing, i'm not new to electronics and i built at least a dozen stomp boxes.
Generally I've heard that a 100 watt Solid-State amp is about equal to a 35 watt Tube Amp. You're going down to 10 watts, Solid State. Thats a MASSIVE drop In power. But either way, I would think that making a solid state power amp would cost more than repairing your tube amp. And if it doesn't, have you thought of saving up, repairing the Tuba amp, and buying an attenuator to make it quiter? That way you can still have good tone, yet not the "ears bleeding" volume.

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Editing the Edit: Agreed with above post, 100 watts will not be surpassed by 10 watts of the same state. Just not going to happen.
More Editing: Good luck building a Solid State amp that will clip.
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10 times power is half of twice the volume.
so the difference between a 100 and a 10 watt amp is 3 db
so my speaker with 103 db sensitivity is going to be louder on 10 watt than a speaker with 97db sensitivity on 100 watts.
That is a fact.
Yes, someone say that a Tube amp is louder than a solid state....
That is a myth
yes the tube amp has a few things that might make it look like it's louder, but it's not really, 10 watts at the speaker is 10 watts no matter if it's coming from a tube or a transistor.
Tubes compress, transistors don't... but you can use a compressor and stuff
If you put a sound presser level meter it's not going to show more.

Solid state devices clip if they pushed into overdrive... i don' think that there are much luck needed for that.

Saving up is not an option as i don't have any income now
I asked what needs to be repaired in the amp, the answer was: everything
It has the same pre tubes for 15 years... so the need to be changed, the power tubes 4 years old... also need new one, and a few other components as well
one tube costs more than a solid state amp's components
You need a bunch of resistors and capacitors, a power amp chip, a transformer, a few diodes, an opamp and that all.... that is below 20$, and a have a lot of components at home.
If you're so confident in your speaker's ability to deal with 10 watts SS, then see if you can find someone who is giving away their starter amp. Most of them are around that mark (some as high as 15), and are of little use once the owner upgrades. You could just canibalize that amp, and you'd be good to go.