I have a demo needing vocals. It's not professional quality, nor is it intended for any commercial purpose. Just for my own amusement.

I'm a guitar player. I can't sing but I know what the vocals need to sound like. I'm wondering if I could send a wav file (with guide vocals) to a singer who could then record vocals onto a wav and send them back.

There are two possible types of voice that I think would work: Robert Plant (lyrical, higher register) and Johnny Cash (gruff, low register, Southern American accent).

I'd be willing to pay.

Anyone who thinks they'd like to do it please post a link to a sample of you singing.
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That's not how it works.

YOU post the sample and if the singer finds it interesting he will contact you.
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That's not how it works.

YOU post the sample and if the singer finds it interesting he will contact you.

It's not how what works?

I don't care if a singer finds the song interesting or not. I just need a job done, and am willing to pay for it.
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...if a singer doesn't find the song interesting then why would anyone else?

What? I don't care if anyone else finds the song interesting or not. It's for my own amusement as I said in the first post.

In other words (this is as simple as I can express it): This is a paid job for a singer.
Passion is not required for this project, only achieving a certain effect. It's a voice-acting role for someone who can sing.

Think of singers who sing advertising jingles, or in covers bands. They might not have passion for everything they do. What they're doing is earning money from a talent they have.

If no one goes for it I'll have to do it myself, and sing-talk it. Maybe I'll be the new William Shatner.
I can possibly do a johnny cash style singing
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I sing in a higher register than most men.. I'm classified as a Countertenor 1, otherwise known as a male soprano.. I can also go down to the C below middle C, if necessary.. If you are interested, hit me up. //Melkere@gmail.com">Melkere@gmail.com
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Hey, i'm willing to try and get paid of course, have a few demo songs that i can send you.

Influences: Queen (I have demo samples of Radio Gaga, In My defense, Barcelona, Show must go on) Radio Gaga has the best sound though.

A few other like Michael Jackson, just send me a PM!!