Hello all, firstly let me tell you that I have quite a decent range when it comes to singing, but everytime I want to hit high notes, I go into falsetto.
I was wondering how to do this without going into falsetto, as it does cause a bit of strain when I go really high.
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try learning to sing in head voice. its almost like a supported falsetto in a sense. you can go higher, not strain your voice and it sounds fuller. you can find a lot of videos on YouTube for it.

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i had that problem, when i first started singing about 7 months ago i had virtually no range, cause i just didnt know what i was supposed to be doing in order to keep pushing the notes and keep them strong beyond that point.

but the more i sang, the more comfortable i got, because i just got used to how my own voice works, and what i want to do with it, and it's become almost natural to me to sing everything almost an octave higher than i was when i first started.

i dont know what head voice is or any of that, i play guitar with another singer who's got about 2 n a half octaves in him, and his advice to me was just push it everyday and you're sorted.
It's dependent on range. Just work on your falsetto.
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try learning to sing in head voice. its almost like a supported falsetto in a sense. you can go higher, not strain your voice and it sounds fuller. you can find a lot of videos on YouTube for it.

i learnt to do this without meaning to whilst trying to sing along to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
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Im afraid to point out. You dont get good at singing high notes by singing high notes. What you will end up doing is creating a technique that is different then if you was singing lower in your comfortable range.

Pretty much developing a flawed technique, going to leave your voice flawed curtain words, The way you use your tongue and jaw. I would not be supprised if you have already experienced this.

when singing in your modal range you do not want a difference between your low voice and your higher voice. Chest voice and head voice complete your modal range.

So you must create a perfect technique, IM not saying you cant sing high. All im pointing out is that you should work on your technique in your most comfortable range. If all is feeling good try going a little higher.

remember it takes more air to hit those high notes. using more air without a good technique is why you will have problems. You can not have a relaxed jaw without proper air support.

I would suggest when working on technique dont sing words. Play whatever song you want but just sing vowels to help you stay relaxed and to show you where your flaws are and work on them. Words hide alot of mistakes that you need to deal with before trying to do this a octave higher.
I found that the more you sing in your normal vocal range and learn about your voice, the most notes you can start to hit in the upper octaves. Practice practice practice, but YMMV
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there's a lot of discovery involved, you have to really know your ability before you can start improving it, or before you really know what you need. you'll learn everything if you put the hours in, that's for sure. you'll realise what's what here, what kind of advice really applies to you and what doesn't.

Also, confidence is key. to make that note, to sing it and hold it, you need to want to be heard doing it. where and when you practise is really important, when you build up your confidence, you can really go for it and then see if maybe there's an element of reservation in the way you sing high notes.
Oh confidence really isn't an issue. :')

I guess I just need to... know what to do, if that makes sense?
I can hit notes, and I'm good with phrasing etc. etc. and I have a huge falsetto range, but I just wanted to know whether I could hit a few of the notes I hit whilst in falsetto, using a... non-falsetto(?) voice.
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you must sing for many years, Focus on staying relaxed. Once you have freed your voice in your speaking tone you will slowly free your voice to the highest extent of your range.

But if you keep working on high notes the improvements that you see will be very small and limited.

examples, You can make the Ahhh sound high but what about the E I O U? One word is relaxed the other word for me "school" is tense.

bottom line. before all else free your voice.

I Agree with voodoochild theres alot of discovery. If you just stay relaxed and dont go very high you will discover alot in a few months.