Hello there, Holy Forum of the low end rumble. I, an EG lurker, comes to thee to ask for advice about my path into mordor the world of bass playing.
I am currently recording an online EP, and so far we have been using MIDI bass tracks, which are terrible as you all know. So i am looking to buy me a bass guitar, i laid my eyes on this Cort Action V DLX . So, my question is, is this a good bass for someone who wants to pick up bass playing (again) for fun and recording.

I once owned a different bass, A Squier Affinity P-bass, which was great. but i was young and stupid and sold it. However, the EP being metal, this bass seemed suitable and i know for sure i want a 5 string.

So, my question is, Would this cort be a good bass to start out with?
My AMp rig will be a POD x3 live through my AKG headphones (should produce a better tone then most budget bass amps)
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Yep all of that will give you a great sound, It's a solid bass for that money and you shouldn't have a problem getting the sound you want.
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That is exactly what i wanted to hear !
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
I have a Cort. They are dependable, playable and sound OK, if Volkswagen made guitars this is what they'd make.