I need a guitar pedal, with an aggressive thrash metal tone. I can't specify the amp model, as I play through different tube amps in the rehearsal room. The guitar I currently use, and will be using for a while is a LTD: EX-401DX. The neck pick up is an EMG 60, and the bridge pick up is an EMG 81. My price range is $150 to $220. Any help would be appreciated.
Check out the Suhr Riot and the Okko Dominator.


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Erm, you have a EMG guitar... but can't get a thrash tone? Maybe its the amp in question that's the problem?

That said...
I second the Suhr Riot... or what about the Rock Box Boiling Point (can't recall what this one costs tho).
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i've heard good things about the blackstar tube distortion pedals, i haven't actually played one myself though. your best bet would probably be to go to a guitar shop and try out everything they have in there. also just a quick question, you said you were playing through different tube amps, none of these have decent thrash tones with a od/boost in front?
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I've tried the MXR Fullbore Metal and it was great for thrash and types of metal.
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