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who are some comedians that can play an instrument to a high standard? i know that bill bailey and tim minchin are great, steve martin can also shred on the banjo.

who are some of your favourites?
I've seen Bill Hicks rock the guitar somewhere before, but there are no decent youtube vids. Also Zach Galifinakis is pretty decent on the piano.
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I've seen Larry the Cable Guy have a guitar before. Never listened to him play it since I'm not a big fan of comedians who play instruments as part of their act.
Hugh Laurie is also a pretty good musician, plays guitar and piano and sings. I even think he's brought out an album. There was even one episode of House MD where he was shredding on the guitar, another one where he jammed with some other guy who was playing piano.
Tim Minchin is probably most impressive I've ever seen. Blends his talent ridiculously well into his comedy.

Bill Hicks' music is ridiculously deep, as well.
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Adam Sandler almost makes me piss myself he's that funny. He has a CD out. I found it at a garage sale though :P
Steve Martin has his own folk band that was nominated for grammy's and stuff like that. He plays banjo and sings
Stephen Lynch
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Stephen Lynch

I went in this thread to post him, looks like I was beaten to the punch.
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Flight of the Conchords

Dimitri Martin

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Tenacious D: Jack Black and Kyle Gass (especially Kyle, he's really amazing).

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Steve Martin used to play the banjo during his acts.

Edit: ^ damn so close

People who don't even read the OP.
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Stephen Lynch

yes definately Stephen Lynch. I would suggest the song Gerbil. its hilarious
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Bill Hicks. Skip to about 3:30 and listen to the rest of the song. So amazing.

And Steve Martin rocks the banjo.
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Bill Hicks rules.

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Brian Haner (Syn Gates' dad)

funny. And really good at guitar.
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