im racking my brain trying to fig out what i need. My band does all covers. And i really want to nail tones with out my amp giving me problems. Like i want roads tone. to 80s tones, to metal tones to hendrix fuzz tones. I want it all.

what the best product for me and with the most options and versitile way to play. This is for live stuff.

ty and no im not a troll more like a night elf
My newest cover Rivers Of Babylon sublime style.


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80s rock, classic rock, classic metal
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ty and no im not a troll more like a night elf

that's actually quite lame

Are you asking for a new amp? Or something like a modeling MFX?

I mean, if you really want the amps, you can just get a Kempler Modeling Amp and go test as many amps as you can get your hands on.

The alternative is a POD HD + Atomic Reactor poweramp, but I suspect you kind already know this right?
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