So the pictures as is are too large to add here directly, but Facebook has no problem hosting them (anyone should be able to see them through this public link).


I've had it for several weeks and I'm pleased. It looks and sounds very nice, which got me out of a practice rut I'd been stuck in. I also found out that it sounds really nice plugged in after an open mic night on Tuesday.
i went to guitar center and played one of these yesterday....hope yours sounds way better than the one I played because the one I played it sounded bad....anyways, HNGD!!
well most guitars at guitar center suck (quality) broken string and what not. so yeah.
that's why it might have sucked.
Sound is subjective. I like a big, booming bottom end, and I dislike overly bright treble notes. The jumbo shape is ideal for that. I know other people prefer the exact opposite. I do need to get new strings on it- they don't sound bad, but I get the feeling it'll sound even better with new ones.

I picked mine up at Guitar Center, but I've been in GC's that sucked and GC's that were pretty awesome. They may be a franchise, but not all the stores are the same. I'd go back to the one I bought mine from anytime.
I'm not putting down your guitar at all. It looks great and I'd definitely take one. But if you dislike overly bright treble then what are you doing with a maple body guitar?
I don't find it obnoxiously bright, oddly enough. Maybe that's because the bigger body balances it out more? A lot of the smaller guitars I tried seemed screechy bright to my ears.

The top is solid spruce, so it's not all maple. And the back and sides are laminated, so maybe that mellows them out a bit.
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I have the same guitar man! I've had mine for about two years or so. I love the notch filter on it. Really useful. The tuner, is a bitch though. Good clear display but people have always said you can't turn it off. It's on a timer or something. That's a load of bull. Just hold down the same button you use to turn it on for about 3 or 4 seconds and it'll turn off.

When I got mine, the action was stupidly high. I had it lowered. The tuners were crap, so I changed them to Grovers. Much better now. I'm probably gunna sell it though. I don't use it that much at all. If I decide to keep it, I'll probably put in a bone nut and saddle, just increase the sustain and so the tone isn't so flat. Hopefully brighten things up a bit. I might also take the finish off the back of the neck, I don't like high gloss necks.

I like how the input jack is also the strap lock. Mine's signed by Tommy Emmanuel.

Overall though, it sounds nice and I love the size of it.
Ooh that's sexy as!

I like her curves.

Happy new guitar day.
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Wholelottalzzy: so you have one signed by Tommy Emmanuel a Takamine. I would really like to see a pix of that. Considering that Tommy endorses Australian made Maton guitars. But please post a pix