Been playing for roughly two years, self-taught, with limited instruction coming from friends who also play. I'm comfortable with open chords and changing between chords, and am starting to play around with barre chords (for stuff like Bm, F#m, you know, the stuff that comes up frequently in tab and chords), and learning scales (which ties into my understanding the fretboard better).

I presently use the following as supplemental material to learning about guitar (music) theory and technique:

- Book of chords (paperback book with about 1600 different chords and variations of how to play them on both guitar and piano, the actual name of the book escapes me now)
- Fretboard Knowledge for the Contemporary Guitarist: The Ultimate Guide to Music for Blues, Rock, and Jazz Guitarists by Vivian Clement (talks about the warped W method of approaching octaves as a means for learning more about the fretboard and "cell" theory)
- Guitar by Richard Chapman -- just picked this up a few days ago and it seems like it could be helpful, though the information is very jumbled and hard to follow and there doesn't seem to be a key for following along in the illustrations. Information is given a dedicated two to four pages at best. Maybe a nice reference, but not exactly what I'm looking for...
- Playing Guitar for Dummies I've had for the longest time, but again, I'm not sure how helpful it has been to me so far...
- ZenTao.com -- Printed out all of the info on theory there, stuck em in a binder, and it's actually been tiding me over pretty well. May have gotten the most use out of this so far in my studying theory.

Can anyone recommend to me THE book or THE method, whatever it is, that I can go order/pick up from the music store that most helped in terms of learning guitar technique, theory, method, etc? CAGED, "cells", don't really mind what it is, just looking for guidance to get my chops to a better place!

Thanks for your help,
I just bought three books by Troy Stetina and they're absolutely amazing. I bought Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, Metal Lead Guitar, Volume I, and Fretboard Mastery. I've only spent time with the Speed Mechanics book so far, and I can tell you that it is well worth the money. Find them used on amazon and make sure they have the CD with them!

*Disclaimer - Obviously I've geared my method books toward metal playing, but the Speed Mechanics and Fretboard Mastery books would help any guitarist I believe.
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