Which Of These Five Tube Amplifiers Will Be The Best For Playing Widely Understood Melodic/Technical Death Metal, Like... For Example: (Kalmah, Omnium Gatherum, Made Of Hate, Crystalic, Heathen Foray, The Faceless, Man Must Die, Aeon Of Horus)?

1. ENGL Invader 150
2. Bogner Uberschall
3. Diezel VH4
4. Krank Revolution One
5. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
they're all going to work, more or less (though i think, having not tried it, i've heard that the invader 150 isn't that great and the invader 100 is better).

at that kind of level of quality/tone, it's very much into personal preference territory- also you have several other options too from the likes of vht, soldano, etc. etc.
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