This is the latest piece of music I've written in GP, and it's by far my favourite. Everything else I've come up with doesn't feel as good imo

There's a lot of empty space and repetition because:

1) There's an unwritten vocal part
2) I was too lazy not to use repeat marks, hence why the drum fills are all the same

Of course, if I wasn't so lazy the drum part would be more varied, but I'm not a drummer anyway

This was all done by ear, with use of the GP scale finder thing at some points.

All comments and such are appreciated

P.S. If anyone can think of a more specific genre than "metal" I'd like to know what you think

C4C too
I really like the melodic bass playing. I also like the songwriting aspect, where it has high intensity and low intensity. As far as generewise, I'm tempted to say thrash, but its a bit relaxed for thrash metal.. hmm
I liked the melodic bass lines and the lead guitar parts. The song was a bit too repetitive but maybe vocals help with that.

It sounds more of grunge than metal IMO. Basically it has "one riff/acoustic part" combo that is quite typical in grunge.
This is very eerie sounding... like some bar music from the 80's... very cool. Intro was nice. I like your choice of chords. The verse thing was my favorite part very nice unique I like it. The lead parts were sexy. The last part was great aswell. Overall it was ok. What I suggest is to add some more tracks in the mix to give a thicker sound becuase its very straightforward and that can get boring after while.
I loved the acoustic part, it has a really powerful sound. It kinda reminds me of Nirvana. The distorted part could be better, I believe. It was a little generic compared to the rest of the song. Also, the sections repeat way too much. If I were you Id shorten the song a lot. Still, it has a lot of potential, just try to build the whole song off the acoustic part, which was really, really good.
Usually people don't give a crap about my critiques lmao. I like the pirate-sounding theme, but to make it better; it sounds like it needs more on some parts (vocal lines or new instruments?). Also I'm not a big fan of the drums. Guitar wise and bass your fine--just add more :O