Well its been about 2 years, so its time for a new electric + I got a new job. There are way too many guitars to choose from, so I prefer looking for some guidance, as it can help me tryout guitars I might have never had a chance to try.

My budget is around 1600.

Feel: I really love the way Ibanez guitars feel, I really like thin necks and the body styles. I don't know why, when I play on an Ibanez I feel more at home than most other guitar.

Sound: I'm a classic rock guy at the heart, I play on a Peavey classic 30 tube amp, not too big on effects or insanely high distortion. I enjoy the raw rock sound, and I also enjoy Fender style cleans. (kinda like under the bridge from rhcp)

The type of music I like to play is anything from the Beatles, Queen, Zep, Rhcp, Nirvana... the heaviest I would go as far as distortion is anything from Metallica to rage against the machine.

I do play metal occasionally, so I wouldn't mind a guitar that can do metal, as long as it can while excelling at classic rock.

I have had my eye on anything from the Ibanez S series to Strats or even Gretsch hollow bodies.

What do you all think?
I was thinking the Ibanez S series even before you mentioned it. As far as rock goes maybe you can nab a Les Paul or Epiphone with a thinner neck or something. I have to believe they offer something without a fat neck. There are so many versions I'm not even sure about much of it.
For classic rock try a Les Paul Studio. Or, the Fender American Select Stratocaster is an option two. It has a bridge humbucker then also two single coils (more versatile, IMO). You may not like the Fender neck though, it's not exactly what you'd call a Wizard.
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I was trying out different guitars all day, I think I'm gonna settle with a gretsch hollow body. I loved it compared to everything else.
if i were you, i'd be looking at getting a humbucker guitar that can coil-tap. that would make it REALLY versatile.
and, you gotta love the look of humbuckers but it isn't that important, just nice to have.
else, i'd take a prs se custom 24 or santana one. they're sooo gorgeous!
just my 2 cents
Thin neck + classic rock = Hagstrom Swede or Super Swede

Better than any Les Paul Studio for half the price.