Sup pit

Im posting this on behalf of Jay Postones, drummer of the band tesseract and owner of The Rhoom Studios which was broken into twice during the past week.

The Rhoom is located on Grange farm

Both times the thief broke into unit 17 and stole various mics and a bass amp then entered unit 26 and stole an amount of cash but was not caught on CCTV the first time, here is the footage -


If you know of anyone in the Berkshire or Reading area that has recently come across a sizeable bass amp / high end studio mics and / or a large amount of cash please get in touch by either replying to this post, emailing jay directly at -

jay@therhoom.co.uk or call 07730 685295

Jay is offering 2 months free rehearsals at his studio for anyone that can help name and shame the thief

Thanks for reading!
He was saying that the only way anyone could know where the money is kept is if they new the layout of the building well, so chances are its someone that uses the studio

So if you know anyone that rehearses there, used to rehearse there or works near to the place that looks like the guy in the video, please get in contact!!