my names David and im a 3D Design Student at Priestley college
i have been given the task for my coursework to mae a prototype of some sort of hand held device and iv chosen a guitar based idea.

The Idea
i have always found that when i play my acoustic guiar in a public place or when somebody in my house is asleep that i cant either play the sounds loud enough to hear any imperfections that need to be worked on. my idea is to design a device that will fit onto the bridge of the guitar muting the sounds and convering it into a set of head phones. this device could also include tuning functions and affects for the sound.
any help opinions and idea are welcome as all of which are needed for my coursework

Attached is the basic idea i have made that would be make to fit onto the bridge.
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That would be a great idea, as long as it doesn't affect the tuning in anyway (i.e. it only dampens the strings, rather than effectively shortening the string length). I am definitely interested in the product though.
You have 7 strings on a guitar with a 6 string saddle.
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Uhh... What about the sound hole? Wouldn't that be a problem with keeping it quiet?
Prolly wouldn't work, the strings would still resonate quite a bit, it's just you're basically palm muting the strings with a device that has something like a piezo pickup in it. But those need direct contact and lots of pressure to transfer the tone right.
this drawing was done really quickly so i didnt notice i put a 7th string in
but the sound hole would have a rubber fitting that would calm the sound down
any suggestions for how it could be improved or any extra features that could be added

If you could please inform more people of this as i need alot of comments that i can improve my design with.
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You have 7 strings on a guitar with a 6 string saddle.

Good observation.


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