You came in
From the harsh winter winds
Sayin the name of another
with the comfort of my own

its been 20 hard years
your picture still hung on the wall
dust covers all but a crooked smile
and that golden crown, you wore so proud
it'll haunt me only a little while

You were a necromancer
Spell books on razing the dead
Took my soul from the hole i buried it in
And placed it in my hands

you there, young peasant fellow
come here and kneel before your queen
she beckons you with a soft whisper
carried by the winds, repeated a thousand times over
Interesting piece it really told a story. I liked it a lot, but just so you know Mumford and Son's has a song called Winter Winds, so you might want to change the title.
thanks man, yea the title was just something i put down before i posted it, it doesnt have an actual one.