I really don't want to do this, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I have a collection of autographs that I'm selling, if I get enough interest.

I have the following: (all are signed by the whole band)

- Paramore. A signed and framed photo of the band at the Brits

- Three Days Grace. A framed picture of the whole band.

- My Chemical Romance. Very nicely presented 7 inch vinyl of "Famous Last Words" signed by the whole band. There is a picture of the band above the vinyl.

- The Blackout. 7 inch vinyl (Children of the Night) signed by the band.

- Funeral for a Friend. Signed "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" CD booklet.

- Lostprophets. Signed Last Train Home chord sheet.

All of them (except the MCR one and The Blackout) come in an 8x10 glass frame. The MCR one is in a much larger frame and very nicely presented. The Blackout vinyl is in a card sleeve like a normal vinyl.

This is a very reluctant sale. All of them come of COA. All are, to the full extent of my knowledge, 100% authentic. The Blackout and Funeral for a Friend autographs were both purchased at the concert of the respective band. The rest are from reliable dealers.

I am open to offers. I would like at least £15 - £20 for each one. I won't accept anything less than £30 for the MCR one, as it is bigger and well presented.