I came about this dilema in an unusual way.

I currently have a Vox VT40+, and while it's got a lot of options and is a decent amp, there are a few things that I just don't like about it - a part of it is the sound just doesn't do it for me.

I was leaning towards a low watt amp (probably the egnater tweaker). It seems to have most of the sounds I like, and a simple reverb/delay pedal would probably satisfy my needs. It's for home use.

However, when doing some research, I noticed a lot of guitarists use a Pod HD (or HD 500 foot pedal - the HD is the new release with the re-modeled amps, etc) and a tech 21 power engine amp for studio work. (other options are the eleven rack (way more than I need, but have seen them used) or the Boss HD-10 multi effects pedal).

Have to say that after reading reviews and listening to samples (granted, on the computer, but using senheisser 280 hd pro headphones - the signal is digital, so I'm not sure how much it would lose in the translation), I was pretty impressed with the Line 6 POD HD.

I know these two set-ups are completely divergent, but the amp modeling in the POD HD seemed to be really good - and they have some nice unusual/vintage amps.

FWIW, I tend to prefer bluesy sounds for practice, but do enjoy some nice crunch once in a while . Also, being able to have any pedal you want, and put it in any line configuration you desire seemed nice too.

The Pod HD has more options than I'll ever need, but the key point for me is you can control the volume and still get the sounds you want (similar to the Vox I have, but hopefully more of what I'm looking for). However, I wasn't sure how the sound would compare to something like a tweaker. A big question I have is that to really get a 'tube' sound, you need to have the power level up at 5 or more to get the power transformer to clip the signal. They do sound really nice, but even the tweaker is really loud at those levels.

Cost would be about the same (1k) for both (including the pedal for the tweaker)

-Any comments or suggestions regarding the POD HD(e.g., is it much of an improvement over the Vox I already have?) and tech 21 combination would be appreciated.

-Also, anyone that has a tweaker that uses it for home use - what's your opinion?

I have a Tweaker and use it with both pedals and mulitfx. With the Pod you can hook it up 4CM and get full use of the Tweaker's preamp and the Pods amp modeling. The Tweaker has a nice warm tone to it that works well with multifx.
The Pod has tube based overdrives as effects on it. I'd suggest that you download the HD500 edit software and just look at the effects. You can look at all the amp, effects, and overdrives. Pretty sweet to just look at.

You can also set the volumes, and for each preset, set the min and max volume for the pedals. Very versatile
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Thanks for the replies. Did a bit of a search on using the POD with the tweaker, and the general consensis was positive. I'll have to give it a try.