i recently bought a Alvarez acoustic guitar with one of those fishman built in tuners and i was wondering if the built in tuner would be as good as a chromatic or guitar tuner that is seperate. ive been trying to use the built in tuner but it is really hard to understand im not sure what it is telling me about the note since it only has 2 lights and it shows the string note when you pluck it.
I was wondering this myself, my Michael Kelly acoustic has one too but I still use my tuner over the build it one, but I never understood the confusion about tuners like this. My first tuner was exactly like this and I've never had even the slightest confusion about it.

If the light is to the left it is flat and if it is to the right it is sharp.
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The onboard tuner should be as good as any other tuner, but they can be a bit off. I've owned tuners that say a note is spot on when it is quite obviously not (granted, they were the cheapest thing on the planet, but that's not the point). I would recommend training your ear to recognize when a string is in tune, but that's a skill that takes time to acquire. In the meantime, if you have doubts about the onboard, use a separate one to double-check it.

And soulsablaze summarized the "two light" issue perfectly.
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