hey guys i have at-100 head ive had it for a while now i turned it on the other day to play and volume was really bad have it up more then half way no loud really trebly n harsh and now when i turn it on its just a buzz sound im guessin i have to replace the power tubes long over due, ive been lookin at eurotubes what is the diffrence in the upgrade kits its 190 kit worth it from the cheaper ones? i want to have super clean cleans n heavy heavy chugga distortion thanks!!!
Packages are usually a combination of tubes that the retailer feels go well together. The difference in pricing is probably due to extra costs involved in matching the tubes, and having generally higher end range of tubes.

Tubes, despite the general idea floating around, does not actually drastically change the overall tone of your amp. It really only improves what your amps tone is like. If your amp doesn't have "super clean cleans n heavy heavy chugga distortion " to begin with... a change of tubes isn't going to give it that sound.
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