Hi boys and girls. I have a band called I Thought You Were Santa aka ITYWS and i want to get some feedback about our sound from you! Except the recording quality which i know really suck BUT we will hit a very good studio in fall 2012 with some new songs.


If you like what you have heard please like us on facebook.com/ityws , it would mean alot to us.

I liked that kinda breakdown at 1:05. I´m not really into stuff like BMTH, but I liked this.
You need a better tone for the solo! =P (and a better solo...) at least practice it more. The sweep at 1:48 sounds great, but I think you overused it. I liked the song. For the photo, just be more natural, you look too forced (except the last guy to the left, which I assume is the drummer?). If I were the guitarist, I´d really practice a lot more (no offence!) either you are able to play it perfectly 100 times in a row or you don´t play it (I don´t mean to be harsh). I´d like to see lyrics (if you have any =P). The overall quality doesn´t suck, just the solo [quality].
I´d say be a bit more original if you can, you sound a lot like most bands out there. Almost the same. Take some crazy chances, define your sound. (Examples like Protest the Hero, Alesana, August Burns Red, BTBAM, etc...) I wouldn´t be able to distinguish you between a bunch of other metal/death/whatever-core bands out there today =)
I liked it. My best advice would be: Be yourselves and do whatever you want to do with your songs, even if it breaks with the "traditional metal/death/whatever-core sense" (that´s what´s "in" now). And practice Practice PRACTICE!!!
-btw I live in México
Hope this helps!
Get rid of the mexican hat dance, knowone will take you seriously if you do that, it'll be funny the first couple times they see you buy after a while people will be meh, hated the screaming, sounded just bleh, but then again my screamer is incredible, some of the sweeps were good but some were very sloppy, obviously the recording sounds bad but besides that it was pretty good, i enjoyed the last 2 minutes of it, i don't normally listen to this particular genre of music, i play stuff more like parkway drive, killswitch engage and melodeath stuff like amon amarth and insomnium. In all honesty besides cleaning the solos up, the only thing that was wrong was the screaming, but that's just my preference.
Sounds very impressive, especially considering your age. It's quite hard to judge stuff by the recording quality, but will be awaiting your proper studio recordings. Most of the playing is very nice and tight.

You guys have incredible amounts of potential in the future metal world!

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Wow, you guys have really cleared the statement that feedback is almost better than sex!

Diek321: I fully agree that we should aim for originality! We have talked much about in the band and that is one of those big things we are focusing on. But i cant understand the guitar improvement thingy. But i respect that its your opinion!

Haha cool that you're from Mexico! We're from Sweden!

maowcat: Yeah i agree with you considering the sample. Its a thing that will stay fun for us in the band in like two days. The vocal quality really sucks, but if you'll take a look at our live videos you will se that he's awesome.

Dores: Thanks man! Would be cool if you are willing to stay tuned for our future! You can add me on sexandchips@hotmail.com if you want. And yeah, we are born 94 but i dont think that is a proper apology for creating music when we consider ourself having a quite mature "mind". But thanks man!

Will take a look.