Since '08, I have written 88 songs. I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying it to make the world aware of how much writing has consumed me.
That being said, here goes:
#63: "Ambrose":
Your paper lines and
Twisted simplicity
Are filled with stranger thoughts
Than any have ever seen
But thoughts are not a tangible source of love
Nothing explains this better than what
Exists in all of my creations here
I'd sing softly to you, but words fall on deaf ears
Oh my dear
Why must every thought
Flow from the ink
That rests at my fingers
The tips hardened by time
And concentration
If I could turn back time...

Your paper lines and
Translated intricacy
Hold every unfinished sentence
That's ever defined me
Define love in your own terms for me please
Nothing comes to mind, leave it up to me
And I'll scribble every word down
Sing them softly, then take a bow
Oh, how
Can every thought
Escape without haste
And fall off my lips
Lips peppered with anxiety
From time and contemplation
If I could turn back time...