hey everyone i was wondering if you can teach me how to write riffs and solos i have wrote a few okay riffs i just need more help. and how do you write solos
Evolve riffs.

Start with a basic rhythm, a fast chug. As you play, vary it in small ways. When you get something you like, keep that and vary another part. After a while you'll get a riff you like. Record it and keep it. Then start a completely new riff and repeat the process. When you get a good collection of riffs (100 or so) go through them giving them marks out of 10. Choose the best ones and make songs out of the ones that would fit together, writing new linking sections between them.

As for how to write solos: exercise taste and restraint and listen to what you play critically.
i think vanhammersmith advised someone to steal riffs extensively from their idol. oh that van hammersmith....
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"its an old musics tricks i learned, you just plays every notes" - skwisgar

really though, study the music you enjoy and learn some theory if you want.
As for solos, just listen to the guitarists you like, learn a few of your favorite solos(or parts of them), then base your stuff off that(don't steal though, just...be inspired. xD). As for thrash riffs, E Minor, G Minor and A Minor. Learn them, you're pretty much set for early thrash metal. And the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th frets on the low E and A are your FRIIIIIENDS, 99% of the thrash riffs I play are opens mixed with those. xD
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