For my graduation, my mom wants to buy me a new guitar so I'm deciding on a KE5FR Jackson Kelly. The problem is that my amp (Fender 212R) sucks major ass and I have to run a Digitech RP500 through it for it to sound nice. The thing with the RP500 though is that it makes all guitars sound alike. My Epiphone sounds exactly like the Squier in my closet. Should I just buy a better amp?

More info:
-Currently I use an Epiphone SG (G-400), a Fender 212R and a Digitech RP500.
-The music I play is basically metal. Thrash, neoclassical, or just general metal.
-I prefer if the amp is cheaper than $1200 and doesn't sound digital at all. Maybe a tube?
-And you can also recommend a guitar if you don't like the Kelly
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id get an amp if i were you
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With that budget you should be able to get a good guitar and amp. The amp will have the most significant effect on your tone though. How is the guitar you have? Do you find it comfortable to play? If so it might be worth getting a new amp and upgrading the pickups in that.
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I think G400's are pretty decent guitars. I'd go for an amp.

I really liked the Carvin V3 the one time I heard one, lol.

It's got a 10 day return policy if your mom will let you try it before you graduate or whatever.

If you don't want to go that route I'd go with one of the Blackstar amps like the HT-60 or 100. I think they're pretty good bang for the buck.