I find when I'm trying to write a song, I'll come up with 2 or 3 parts that I like, but then when I try to track it out, it just doesn't flow right. It always feels like something is missing, or that the transitions aren't there. Anyway, eventually after spending a bunch of time staring at pro tools and listening to it over and over hoping for some kind of inspiration I begin to just hate my song all together and then I scrap it. This has happened 4 times now, and I still have no songs. Ideas?
Listen to a bunch of different songs in your library. Aspiration hits at random points. Some of the best songs were invented by accident.
Same's been happening to me. Man i've thrown out a lot of stuff that i ended up just not liking after spending so much time on them. Sometimes i just tell myself to step away for a while...and then when i'm feeling inspired later on i come back and see what i can do. I guess the worst thing to do is force yourself to write the music. It'll all come out when it wants to. Just gotta be patient and enjoy writing instead of troubling yourself over it.
jimi hendrix touched my soul, and i gave half of it to robert johnson.
do us all a favor, spread peace and music too.