It almost seems like you tacked noise rock into your genre because your recordings are low-quality. But maybe that's intentional. Either way, its pretty good. Much more punk than noise, which is a good thing.

The noise is tacked on more-so for our live shows/some other tracks later on the EP where there's a good minute or more of our audience hating us.
And yeah the low quality's intentional, we had it recorded in a studio and the guy looked at us like we were crazy when we said to just turn the gain up on everything. Haha So he basically refused to do it and we took the tracks and did some post-production to get them to sound like that/more how we are live. Needless to say we ran into some issues with mixing since we couldn't tweak levels once the tracks were mastered but before we got to them in post-post production.
Anyway Thanks for the view!