Great track, dude, very good recording quality. I really liked the drums(though it's not what i should comment on I guess). I liked the mini-solos you threw in in the first half of the song, solo in the second part was good too, but not that memorable, also keyboards are there and are not too annoying(how they sometimes can be). I think that the best thing you've achieved is that the song never gets boring.
Kombat Gear:

          As soon as I heard that awesome lead in the beginning I knew the song would be awesome. In some parts, it feels like the timing of the guitar strays away from the drums a bit. But at 2:20, it's pretty tight. The sound of the drums could use a lot of work though. The snare sounds pretty mechanical. The rhythm guitars also sound a bit muddy. Overall, it's an AWESOME track. Really enjoyed it! ^_^

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