Hi everyone!

I play in a live 3 piece original band (guitar/bass/drums) and would like to add in electronic key effects without the aid of a fourth member. I write all the keys/synth for our songs and was wondering if a pedal exists which would allow me to upload samples so they could be triggered/dropped by foot pedal.

If so, is there a model which allows you to tap in the current tempo of the sample before dropping it so the timing can be modified to the song to allow a seamless drop mid song?

Thanks to any help out there!
Digitech JamMan. Our bassist sometimes loops his line at the end of a set and plays saxophone instead. He also uses it to record other stuff into so he can practice his other instruments in real time - the tap tempo, usb port and programmed beats means he gets a reasonalbe "full band" sound to play with at home.

I think Vox have released a similar unit recently, too.
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Thanks guys! So if i had a Boss RC-30 I could have a PC made chorus backing uploaded to the pedal and as the chorus approaches, tap the tempo so it matches the live drummer's and then drop it as the chorus hits. Am i correct in saying this or is this above the pedal's ability?