Okay so if you don't know Candyrat records is home to some of the greatest fingerstyle/acoustic guitarists around. If you've never listened to some of the artists on their label, gtfo and get on youtube.

Okay, now to the point. They SELL their tabs. 3 for $15. And have forever. I've been aware of this and grudgingly accepted it. And recently they started fighting with tab sights telling them to take down the tabs of their artist. (Andy Mckee. Antoine Dufour. Don Ross. Steffen Shackinger. Andrew White. Sebastien Cloutier ect...)

Which I get cuz, they're selling them, so they don't want people posting the tabs they bought for everyone to see.

But I'm starting to suspect that they're just taking them ALL down, even people's own ear transcription (non-copycats) of the tabs.

So I'm sittin here goin WTF CandyRat. You (non-communist) communists!

W'Duh Eff bro?

I'm sitting here tabbing Electric Guitartistry by Steffen Shackinger and I'm thinking, after I put the numerous hours of work into this tab, are they just gonna take it off?

Guess I'm just ranting,. Thanks if you say through that novel of a post.
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I was going to start a thread for a Ewan Dobson GP files. Can we privately trade unnamed tabs?