Hi there, just having a little trouble dating a japanese thinline telecaster reissue I'm considering. The serial (B002949) when researched suggests its an 86-87 model from the fugi-gen plant, however it bears the 'crafted in japan' label suggesting its from after around 96? Were they even making reissue thinlines in 86? Any wisdom?
Got any pics or a link? If something fishy is up with a serial its usually a fake.
I think CIJ with B+6 digits would be from the late 90s.

Edit: Found this

'Crafted in Japan' followed by:   	
A +  [6 digits] 1997 - 1998
B +     "       1998 - 1999
O +     " 	1997 - 2000
P +     " 	1999 - 2002
Q +     " 	2002 - 2004
R +     " 	2005 - 
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Remember that there are some models that have been Japan-exlusive for a long time and aren't the same as the reissues that get ported over to the west. It could be one of those native Japan models that somebody imported at some point.
Thanks guys, I was going by this site http://www.guitardaterproject.org/fender.aspx, although I think I just found the page you got those details from Ozone, and that makes more sense, considering the price of the thing.
But otherwise, I'm fairly sure this is one of the reissues sent westwards as it bares the same features as any other jap 72s I've seen.
At any rate, thank you all, you've laid my still waking brain to rest on a rainy UK morning.
The Japan factory was open for quite a while, and in fact, still is. My CIJ Stratocaster is a 1993.