So, my recent employment has basically given me 3 days to relocate to a new city, which means i might sublease in an apartment complex (or might end up in one after that). smaller room, roommates with jobs, etc.

basically, my guitar playing is going to be almost impossible unless i can do it quietly or i pick a time when my roommates arent home. FU*k!!!

Any good recommendations for an amp that ives high quality sound but possibly has a line out to plug into a PA with a headphone line or or has a headphone line out already?

OR it is not needed, but REALLY small tube amps like the Z VEX 1/4 watt amp. stuff like that. price isnt really an issue. small amps are only so much, and i now am employed with a career job.


my living costs are rather cheap = i will buy a ton of new guitar gear. can you san pedals and a custom carvin on the way?
Have you considered one of Vox's headphone amps? Cuts down on cords and increases mobility. I suggest getting a set of Sony earbuds, as well (one of their sets has a 3-23000hz range, which is pretty good for $40). That's what I would get if I could only practice through headphones.

I used to practice with headphones, through my old mfx unit. It seemed like everytime I moved a cable caught on something. Hence my reply to your thread.
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Vox DA5 has line out and it can run on 0.25W. Also, most digitech RP series pedals have a headphone jack so you can plug in 2.5mm headphones directly.
Oh that sucks dude, ive been playing guitar from the begining in an apartmant, so im pretty much ****ed
You could always buy a Pod. You can use that with headphones or plug it into the PA when you need the volume. The Pod HD's sound ok that way. You'd certainly get away with it.

The Vox amplugs are ok but they don't really sound like a proper amp. Convenient, I have fun with mine but they are a bit of a toy.
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Pod x3's are preatty good, obviously you dont get the feel of a tube amp but if you are play one through headphones youwont get that anyway

If your after a head then the balckstar S2 has an emulated output so it sounds the same whatever it is plugged into, or at least does a good job trying to!
Don't you think that is a little loud? No, as a matter of fact I don't think it''s loud, this is me trying to keep it down. I can hear the guitar acoustically over the amp, it cant possibly be that loud.......... Oh what an annoying daily routine.

I Just went and got a digitech rp300. While the sound isn't there, it's convenient and plugs into the computer, so I use the headphones on the computer or the head phone out on the processor. I kind of think the ole hag misses having me to complain about...... Seems like one of those people that arent happy with being happy, ya know, like they always need some kind of drama going on to feel significant....
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Look into the lil night train, 2 watt, can crank it and it isn't too loud but the tone is awesome, they have a headphone line out too. I use a pair of Superlux HD681 headphones, cheap and literally the best sounding headphones i've tried and i've been through countless seinheisers and tried the Dr Dre beats, i prefer the superluxs.

Thats my nighttime rig anyway!

Happy hunting!
engl gigmaster & hughes and kettner tubemeister have 1w modes and xlr/line out outputs
If you want to play with headphones then any number of multifx will do the job. If I had to keep the volume really low I would just go with the MicroCube.
i guess i could result to a multi FX....sadly. blah. though i would never mess with that.

and recommendations on a small simple one but VERY HIGH QUALITY? i mean i dont need 500 FX and 100 switches. a small unit as long as it is a VERY nice one.

even the lil night train is too loud. i know cause i blat it in guitar center. its definitely loud enough to piss people off in a guitar center. could work. i was hoping to find great tube tone in 1 watt or less.

DOODE. the tubemiester looks sweet. ive been eyeing that and i didntk now it went to 1 watt. seriously, that might be the answer for my next head. damn. sexy.

if only a carvin v3m had a power soak to 1 watt or silent out. it goes to 7 watts. its also a 50 watt head.....

any other suggestions? blackheart little ant, Z VEX 1/4 watt?
actually, another question:

does anybody know with the tubemeister and the XLR red box out, how would you rig that up so that i could play into a small mixer or direct box and then somehow have my sound come out of say....a home sound system of some kind?




watch towards the end. so this amp is pretty much mine.....unless another amp has this capability
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if price is no issue grab an axefx. or a podx3

or an eleven rack.

any tube amp is gonna be too loud.
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apartment living sucks for this situation. I currently live in an apartment.

my amp has an emulated output and a mute button and I run that into my mbox mini and monitor with headphones
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Quote by Cathbard

The Vox amplugs are ok but they don't really sound like a proper amp. Convenient, I have fun with mine but they are a bit of a toy.

My thoughts exactly, but I wouldn't be caught traveling without one. Darned convenient.
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The Blackstar HT-1 and HT-5 both have headphone outs with cabinet emulation. All of the HT distortion pedals also have a headphone out with cabinet emulation so you can just plug them into a set of monitors.
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if price is no issue grab an axefx. or a podx3

or an eleven rack.

any tube amp is gonna be too loud.

i have to agree there, even though i am typically not the MFX guy (not even much of a pedal guy either too), it would be something that would be better spent money just for the sake that you could use it live and in the future.

you drop $400-$500 on a sub 15 watt single channel, there are few situations other than appartemtents where it would be used for. i am not saying that it can't be done nor done well around the <15 watt thing, but anything less than a watt or maybe even five wouldn't be useful for anything else.
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Bogner Panama! It was made for that situation in Japan. Or Axe FX/POD/etc.
what? cool. but if its a bogner its probably darn expensive.

well the idea with that tubemeister is that i can run it into a home soundsystem and then plug it into a cab and gig with it. 1 amp for everything. with the right cab and high sensitivity speakers, 18 watts can go a long way, plus if you mic it it really doesnt matter.

i really like this XLR out thing.

cause see, im never going to use a pod or something live. so you say dont buy a tube amp for the apartment, well i say dont buy a pod for the apartment. either way, you cant use them for everything. either one is for home and not the stage, or one of for the stage and not for home.

I play my half stack and my 2x12 combo in my 2 bedroom apartment. The volume knob isn't there just to look pretty.
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Quote by Offworld92

I play my half stack and my 2x12 combo in my 2 bedroom apartment. The volume knob isn't there just to look pretty.

Me too (Well, my 1x12 combo, but still) but OP's situation seems a bit different.

What about a Vypyr Tube? Those have a headphone jack but can still bring the volume in a band situation.
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well the title is misleading. i dont really need headphones. i mean, it might happen but really i need a way to get good tone out without getting evicted.

and the poblem is, im the kinda guy that would prefer a boutique 10 watt amp on 8 than another 50 watt amp on 1. i really just like the drive, sustain, and extra harmonics you get out of torturing tubes.

i move in tomorrow. it will be 1-2 weeks before i get my electrics from my parents place, and i will have a 22 watt tube to test. 1 just to have my belongings with me/gig, but also ill see exactly whats its like in my apartment.

if this gets to be an issue, i have 5 months and il get my OWN apartment. no roommates.