I have the Orange Rocker 30...Took ages to get but find that the clean is too 'rounded' for what I like. I want a clean that can also get gritty and preferbly have an EQ.

Also, I use delay and flange, so having no FX Loop is a bit crappy. It sounds ok, but miss having a loop.

I play bluesy, classic rock and music such as RHCP, Hendrix, Iggy Pop etc etc...

I want 2 channels and an fx loop. Combo or head...I do gig.

I have around £500 to spend. What?!

I've looked at:

Marshall JCM 800s
Cornford Roadhouse (one channel?)
Blackstar HT 40
Marshall VM
Jet City 50w Head and Combo

What do I want?! No idea!
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If you had the money, I'd say that you'd want a Mesa ElectraDyne or a Fryette Deliverance.

But since you don't seem to, Hayden Mofo.
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do you really need another amp? Some people would kill for an Orange Rocker 30; and amplifiers in general are just unbelievably expensive. But ok thats your decision . I think you should visit as much music stores as you can and try it out yourself, because youtube videos and so on just cant deliver the real tone.
Thanks for the suggestions. The JCM 800 sounds great. Will a valve replacement be ok then to just change them?

Also, I really want to keep the orange, but the FX loop is whats getting me. I might get one modded, but its pretty expensive and I don't have the money right now for that.

I need to do some thinking,

some deals on new box-damaged jet cities on ebay at the moment from the uk distributor. i haven't tried them, but at those prices they might be worth considering. EDIT: from what i remember, though, those soldano loops are rubbish for pedals? not certain. obviously look into that.

if it doesn't have to be a stack you could always try that traynor on thomann...
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