I've recently come into a situation where I need to record sounds form my PC with my microphone. I only have the one microphone (an AT2020) and I can't afford another one atm to bypass this problem. This microphone needs to plug into the UX2 to record, and when I plug my UX2 into my computer, it mutes the computers speakers. For monitoring, I've just been using a pair of headphones, so I don't have any monitors.
Is it possible to run an instrument cable out of the UX2 and into the 1/4" microphone jack on my Hi-fi/CD player to have the sound come out of those speakers then record that with the mic? If so, which jack on the UX2 would I put the cable in. Also, will it damage anything? I don't wanna break anything (I'm not worried about the instrument cable however, I got it for free and it's a POS, I wouldn't use one of my good ones for this).
I'm not sure I understand where you're coming from, but with my UX2 i've always plugged my computer speakers into the "Phones" output using an adapter. If you're looking to record your computer speakers, then doing that is surely a way to do so.
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