The commentator said 'Beggining its 30 year journey(unmaned- i beleave ?)' and I thought to myself damn thats a very long time.... Ill be a gramps by that time, hopefully not dead yet... all the horible death thoughts aside...

Im sure there were some of these 'Long journey launches' 10-20-30 years ago? Can someone help me find a site with all these expeditions, launches, and results of the ended ones? Iv become very curious after watching this moment

It looked horribly silent and lonesome from the shuttle view... could you imagine voluntiering yourself for a such a journey ? Just cant express how much ideas shot to my head when remembering that above your heads theres an endless .... unexplored...

EDIT: aparently i missunderstood the 30 year part. But still there are such projects, right?
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BTW, the shuttle program is 30 years old, Atlantis will only be out for 12 days.

AND OT, I would volunteer for a 30 mission in a heartbeat, no questions asked.
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Voyager mission...Launched in 1977 it's going to go on forever until it is destroyed by nature.
This is the one that is associated with Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot
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I know there is a spacecraft called new horizons on it's way to Pluto and should get there in 2015. We sent it in 2006. That's just to get there. It has to do work there and then another 9 year voyage. So it'd be at least 18 years.
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I'm more interested in a rocket that causes a BIG explosion that just keeps going up and up and never comes back down... then, well... what would happen?!
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This will start a RIOT! in me