Hey guys need some help on a new ax !! I play mainly classic rock to soft metal and occasionally blues
I really love the LP/single cut shape and would prefer that probably want to spend maximum about £350 (i know, not a lot).
From what I have read, the Danelectro 56 Single Cutaway is a really good guitar for the money and it kinda fits the bill any ideas guys?
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I have little to no experience with the lipstick pups, but from what I know about them, I don't know why you'd use it for that. For the blues, it could probably get the job done. Classic rock too. But metal? I don't know.... I think you'd be better off getting humbuckers.

You could go for a used Gibson LP Studio, a used Ibanez Prestige RG/S, a used ESP LTD EC-1000 w/ Duncans, you could go with Tokai or all those LP copies.. I just feel there are better options than the Danelectro.
that was the downside to the dano :/ the esp sounds nice kinda leads me on to an Ibanez ART for playing some metal
Forever shouting 'IM THE DEVIL I CAN DO WHAT I WANT' at inappropriate times.

Get a used '59 (also known as the shorthorn) unless you like the looks of the '56.
The pickups are great for classic rock and blues, and can be used for "soft" metal.
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Anyway, TS, look into Epiphone LPs for new or you could get something nicer for used.


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How about a Fender Strat?? They are excellent for blues and have a decent sound.