Hi, I'm working on creating a solo and getting frustrated. I'll always been more of an improviser, but want to get better structure to my solos, with the focus on having a more defined and well placed climax. Any advice or approaches you take that you'd like to share would be awesome.

Try to think of a short phrase as a center phrase, and build around that. Start out simple (and lower on the neck, for example) and as you progress extend your phrase, play it higher on the neck, maybe with more notes added to your phrase, etc.

EDIT: I didn't express myself well enough, of course don't only play the phrase, but try to make it something you keep heading back to. For example play your phrase, then some bars with improvisation (or a second phrase, maybe?), then go back to your phrase, maybe play a variation on that phrase, etc.
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The rhythm under the solo is just as important. Make sure the riffs you solo over change so it doesn't sound like the same thing. Metallica used to do this a lot. It works.

Other than that. Don't go to overboard on your solos. Try to record them on multitrack software over the rhythm section. Do a bunch of takes. Find what works.

Break it into sections. Try to write one line at a time. Then think what should come after that. Find somthing. When it sounds good, learn the whole thing in its entirety.