I've been looking at picking up one of those SX basses from over at Rondomusic for a while now. I've heard that they are pretty solid, except for the cheap electronics. So if I got one, what pickups would be a good upgrade? I've never modified a bass before, and I'm still pretty new to playing bass, so I don't really know a whole lot about this kind of stuff.

These are the two that I'm trying to decide between..


You don't need to upgrade the electronics.

Shoot, i've toured with an SX in stock condition, aside from a string change.

Still, i do love mods, and most of my stuff has been tampered with to an extent... but the SX's stock pickups are rather nice. If i was going to replace ANYTHING on an SX, there are quite a few things i'd swap out before i even touched their pickups.

Of the two you're deciding on, i'd get the Candy Apple Red one, hands down. The natural one looks just like a Squier VM Jazz... differentiate yourself, dude.

IMHO, take the time to learn YOUR bass. After a while you'll discover what, if anything, you want to change to perfect YOUR tone.
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Seymour Duncan, Bartolini, Nordstrand, Lollar, Lindy Fralin and MEC all make fine bass pickups. I'd play the thing for a while before I'd drop a couple of hundred dollars on a new set of pickups, though. You might decide you like the ones that the bass comes with.
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what they have said^

if your new to playing bass you probably don't know what you want out of your tone, and untill you know that there is no point in upgrading the pickups.

you could still swap put the pots and capacitor(s) for better quality ones.
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I've left my SX pickups untouched since I first got it, they're not as terrible as everyone says, they're not very hot though so they're not extremely loud but I wouldn't trade them out too quickly, definitely wait until you know you want something different