OK, so I've actually had the guitar about three weeks now but have only just had time to snap some quick pics. I was unsure about buying second-hand, but took some advice from some helpful people here on UG and also asked a friend who's a superb guitarist (he advised me to always buy second-hand)! The result was that I got this Simon & Patrick Woodland CW Mini Jumbo with one previous owner and in near perfect condition, at what I felt was a very good price.

I previously had a mass-produced Japanese carbon-fibre backed electro-acoustic, and I can honestly say there is no comparison whatsoever. The sound of the S&P is so beautifully warm and woody that it's a sheer joy just to fiddle around on it. Quite a few evenings I've had to explain to my wife why I was late to bed due to sneaking into my study for a quick strum before bed and not noticing half an hour go by.

In short, I'm delighted. Now I just need to improve my playing enough to do it justice...

(I've managed to attach some pics, but can't work out how to put them in the body of the post...)
That's nice as!

Happy New Guitar day!

That pick guard seems really narrow, I like the way it looks.
"Because hoes don't trust anyone.. especially me."
Thank you both. Never thought I'd fall in love with a guitar...