I'm looking to sell my hand-painted acoustic guitar. Money is pretty tight lately (as you all know ), and as much as i hate to sell this guitar I have to, and I know that someone will put it to good use. I dont have a set price for it, ANY offer is welcome, so just throw me an offer and i'm sure we can work something out. Feel Free to message me with ANY questions and i'll answer them as soon as possible.


BTW I'm new to this forum and i'm still not sure how to use it, so the pictures of my guitar are on my profile. If you need to see any close-up just let me know.
that's pretty cool dude, painting on the fretboard might not have been the best thing to do though
thanks guys!
The fret board is painted over, but the guitar was made mostly for looks. I dont really understand guitars so i didn't follow all the "rules" when building it, but someone who does understand them could easily make it playable, im sure.