im planning to get a blackstar 1 watt head and pair with a 412 cab, however not sure whether the head is suitable for cab that im gonna get. checked ht1 head is with only 8ohm connect jack. so my question is do i need to get a cab with 8ohm as well? what if the cab that i am about to get or in furture its not with 8ohm load jack, say 4/16....

of thats the case, i shall look for cab with as much ohm choice as possible (4/8/16), right?
normally it's the amps which have multiple taps, not the cabs.

yeah you pretty much want an 8-ohm cab.
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hi Dave,

thanks for the input... also wondering whether line6 spider valve with celestion is a good cab? its the 412vbs cab i guess, as i can get it with good price...