A new song using a Reverend guitar (Hinson Unknown Signature), through two new pedals from a maker in the Netherlands (DrNo-Effects).... great analog pedals. I have the Mad Fly HeavyDistortion and the Kafuzz!! Both are put through a clean amp. You can hear throughout the song how vintage this gear sounds.

I consider this song a cross between The Doors and Black Sabbath.



Fill the glass half empty,
Fill it ‘till it’s full.
Sip or gulp ‘till the bottle’s gone,
If the room spins you’re done.

Feel the pressure leaving,
No responsibility.
Pop a pill to quench your high,
And escape reality.

Wallow in the sorrow,
Feel sorry for yourself.
Easy come and easy go,
The gateway is your mouth.

Hunched up in the corner,
Mellow is the way.
When you shake the monkey’s curse,
Then to God you’ll pray.