Yo, I'm just seeing if anyone is looking to take on a keyboardist. I can play some Alestorm music and some Sonata Arctica music and also some random musical pieces ranging from classical to the other end of the spectrum. No gig experience, so I'm kind of a noob at this, but I thought I should atleast make an attempt. I've been playing for 6 years and I'm self taught. I listen mainly to power metal, but I also listen to different genres of music like the animals and Michael Jackson etc. So, yeah. Hit me up if you're interested.

-- Callum Fay.
Yeah, man. The intro is easy enough but I'd have to relearn the solo. Also, I have a singer. So that's a Keys/Singer looking for a group.
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That's awesome man, now i'm wondering if u guys would be interested on joining an online project/band. We are really committed musicians and planning to get together maybe next year. If u are interested shoot me a mail here: tatu_fan666@hotmail.com ,and i will show u some songs ok!
Also i'm designing a website for the band wich is still unfinished but it's looking good !!


The songs that i used as background are from Scar Symmetry and Godsmack

Cheers man !!!!!
I'm game for it man, I'll ask Robin (Vocalist) and see what he says. He should be game for it anyway. I'll get a small sample made up for you aswell. I'll play a medley of a few songs I know and you can give me feedback.

Thanks, man.
that sample would be just great and helpful man i hope your friend robin would join us aswell. I also told the bandmates to add u on Skype.