A friend selling this pedal for 55 euros, and i'M thinking on buying it.
I'm on a very tight budget and i need something in my FX loop for echos, choruses and reverbs and this seems the cheapest solution. (because a stand alone delay costs about this much)
Also it would be great for to have something headphones practice.
I had a few zoom effects (505, G1 and G2.1u) and they where horrible, unusable, with a hollow dead sound... i don't know about this..
So is it worth it?
Ask your friend to borrow it for a week so you can try it out and see if you like it.
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I was on the homepage and never post on the forums, but saw this and thought I'd give my insight considering I own the Digitech RP300a. Using it right now. It does what it says on the tin. It may not have the clearest tone or a variety but it has all the effects you'll need with a number of ways to tweak them to get the wacky sounds or the more sophisticated tone.

I don't know if I've not discovered it but after extensively reading the manual, I'm not sure you can loop on it. If you can, I've obviously not played with it enough in the 4 weeks I've had it, but either way, it does the job and for 55 euros, you can't go wrong, really. If not, it'll give you a wider insight into multi-fx pedals and which ones will be better suited for you.