Its about time for a replacement on my DK2M I think. I sold my ibanez awhile ago, and figured I'd just unblock the jt580lp on my jackson, which does stay in tune for awhile, but the bridge is literally falling apart on me. Pretty much all the allen screws are getting stripped (and I wasnt too hard on them) and rusted, and the thing doesnt stay in tune at all after any real abuse, plus the arm loosens up way too easily. there are people who say the bridge is fine, and others who say it sucks. I really dislike it.

anyway, I've seen sooooo many conflicting reports about the jt580lp and replacements for it that I figured Id post here. I've heard from some that the OFR fits, some say the OFR doesnt and the OFR pro does, some say gotoh is fine, others say some of the screws are too long.

I was thinking about chancing the new GFS bridge, but dont worry, as some guy on jemsite apparantly tried it and it didnt fit the same route.

so which bridges will fit the route on this thing AND not f*** up my intonation (something I've also heard replacement bridges can cause)

if I need an OFR pro, then I guess I'll have no choice but to find $250 or so for it, but will the Gotoh or regular OFR fit without much trouble?

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i've heard they swap, but that's hearsay. if i were swapping it myself i'd want corroborated info.

hit up the floyd rose, schaller and gotoh websites. there should be routing templates.
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The Gotoh Floyd and the Original Floyd Rose aren't interchangeable. Other than that, I'm not sure.
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