Hey UG,

I want to remove 2 of the speakers from my 4 speaker combo amp. I mainly need to know if any rewiring will need to be done, since half of the power meant for the speakers will have nowhere to go.

My amp is a Yamaha G50 410, made in the 80's i believe. It has a good sound, and some nice built-in effects, but it is HUGE, and way too loud for my purposes. I would just sell it, but it's more or less worthless. I want to remove the bottom 2 speakers and cut the cabinet down to make it lighter, more portable, and quieter.

Does anyone have any advice or comments?

Also, while i'm screwing around with this thing, i'll probably buy some new speakers for it. The amp's sound is usually described as very clear with lots of headroom, at least on the clean setting. I'm thinking kind of a Fender sound. Any speaker suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

C. Troutman
Make sure the speakers can handle the wattage, and make sure you keep the impedance right, but I did the same thing with an old peavey amp I had, and it made it WAY lighter.
Sweet. I've just been reading about impedance and speaker wiring, so i think i can manage to not screw it up.