Let me tell you about a place
Where the souless public walks
Where people sell there souls
For almost nothing at all
Were rebels in the desert
We seek out the master plan
Were gonna burn this mother ****er
With a match and some gas

Let her be
Shes our queen

We stand alone '
On an pedistol
The desert wind in our hair
Falling one by one
Till were all dead
Quote by vitorlp
okay, at least for me, this was ridiculous.
You need to explain why. Do not post things like this as it is borderline spam, and anything borderline spam is worth warning for as much as spam is.

If you want to critique properly, there are a number of stickies and threads within this forum (or the techniques forum) that can help you. I'm not saying you need to read these threads in order to critique, but they can help if you don't know where to begin.
This is incredibly over-the-top, which could work or not depending on the type of song it is. If it's a silly metal song, it could work well