Has anyone played or owned one how did you like it and would you say its worth the 1.5k? I am seriously looking into getting one but no youtube videos had it going through some distortion so im not sure how it would sound like that
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There it is with some distortion. If i'm not mistaken, Jack White uses them (well, older versions of them) so i'd guess that with a fuzz or something you'd be able to get a White Stripes kinda sound.

Whether thats a good thing or not, well it's up to you - personally I think it's great.
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Jack White doesn't use the Eastwood models. He uses the original Plexi glass models that they are based on. That being said, the Eastwood Airlines are still excellent guitars.
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I have the 3p dlx model, and I absolutely love it....it has its own unique sound that I just can't get enough of....I will never get rid of this guitar...they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands