This was the first song I ever wrote and I've gotten a lot better at writing lyrics (thank god). But I was just wondering what you guys thought of it. So here it is

You do whatever you’ll told
You think that you’re too cool
But you’ll just too old
You’re not mature, you just think you are
If you truly were, you wouldn’t go to school

Teacher’s pest
You’re so immature
Teacher’s pest
You’re the only one she likes
Teacher’s pest
The only one we hate

Murdering our chances at success
With you always being the best
You don’t really care, as long as we don’t get any where
You just want a good life for yourself, you just want us to fail


Teacher’s pest X5
Teacher’s pest (scream)
Well, what can I say?
It's just somewhat cheesy, you used some basic rhyme schemes, and it's not that good stylistically (is that the right word?)
but it's a first song, and believe me, my first songs were far worse xD
I agree about the stylistic criticisms, but I have to say that this song is better than 90% of the lyrics I come across (on radio, on CD, on this site, etc.) because it has an actual idea that communicates something about getting by in this society.

One thing bugs me, though. Who's the pest - the one the teacher likes, or the ones the teacher hates?
Yeah, that pops up twice. For what it's worth, though, I knew right away what the writer meant.