I feel like its kinda choppy in parts. Especially when the solo kicks in toward the middle. Its just not flowing. Sounds sweet though
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Hi. Can someone tell me which guitars are real 24 fret guitars and which are just 22 fret guitars with 2 extra frets added on?
Not bad pretty much what everyone else said
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I wouldn't say it's thrash, more NWOBHM-ish. Has sort of a Maiden sound to it.

Rhythm guitar is pretty decent. Solo is not bad. My only advice would be you need to do a few million more takes of it.

You need to do that solo until your fingers bleed, and then do it some more. Then come back the next day and do three more takes.

I guarantee your second take, day two will be frikkin' face crushing!!!

As for your guitar tone I don't see any reason for anyone not to go DI these days. When I was working in, like, 2000 the argument was there: a miked guitar generally always beat a DI sound, but the DI's have gotten better and better.

Now a decent POD, or I use a Vox VT40+ practice amp with amp modelling, should get your very, very far.

Since you sound kind of Maiden/Megadeth on this one (maybe Peace Sells era) you might model Dave's amp on this track. Or if you want a Maiden type of sound, more tubey and overdriven, then you might find a good Laney or Marshall modeller.

I personally despise Marshall. Have never gotten one to sound good. Others have.

It's just not the amp for me.

But for British metal? Laney or Vox is the way, man.

For Southern Cali thrash, like Metallica/Testament? You need Mesa/Boogie.

All those models are available on my Vox amp. I use "This Love," which is based on Dimebag's settings from Vulgar Display. I added a bit of treble boost and some light compression.

...ZERO reverb.


You're playing is definitely up to snuff. Work on your sound. Also get obsessive/compulsive about your leads. Play it a million and a half times.

You will not get better at lead guitar studying the Grimoire or some BS like that. Just play, play, play.. tighter and tighter, harder and faster.

You're on the right track. Keep it up!
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