I'm moving cross-country and need to know how to handle my drumset.
Should I remove the heads and pack up the shells? (will be using same heads)
Pack up drums whole? Will removing heads then putting them back on cause any damage?
Please help have a week before move!
Depends. Are you using a UHAUL or something? I'd use towels and such so that they wouldnt get scratched. I know people that move drums around and they never take the heads off, I mean, I wouldnt.
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depends, if you can afford cases, then get them. If not, then wrap them up in towels or cloth or bubblewrap, anything to protect the drum
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No cases, and yes they're going in a UHAUL. Kinda worried about heads getting punctured.
Nah, no need to take the heads off, just pack each one in a container that will hold it snugly and just pack in some newspaper on top or something.

Taking the same heads on and off probably wouldn't be a good idea, as you'd be removing a lot of tension from the head and then putting a lot more tension back on... if you take them off might as well get new ones to put on when you're settled.
Take your bass drum front off and put everything you can in there. Collapse all your stands as much as possible. Remove cymbals and stack them. You can also stack small toms in floor toms.
When I travel, I put my drums in cases, stands in a large bag, cymbal case, and that works pretty well. If you can't afford/don't want to get cases, you should be fine stacking the drums. I don't think removing heads is necessary.
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